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Save payment method

To save a payment method for the future use you need to generate paymentToken when you create or confirm the payment and then save it on your server. This process is often called tokenization.

Tokenization protects sensitive data through a process of replacing the data with a non-sensitive equivalent, known as a token. The token has no external significance or value. It’s a reference — or identifier — that through a tokenization system, maps back to the sensitive data. This process securely collects sensitive credit card information and prevents data theft.

1. Generate payment token#

When you create a payment Server-side#

curl --request POST '' \--header 'Authorization: pk_test_3c140607778e1217f56ccb8b50540e00' \--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \--data-raw '{    "amount": 110,    "currency": "EUR",    "orderId": "14379133960355",    "generatePaymentToken": true,    "callbackUrl": "",    "completeUrl": ""}'

Check all available request parameters.


You can create a payment with amount: 0 to retrieve the payment token for future use without charging your customer. If amount is 0 it is mandatory to pass generatePaymentToken: true.

When you confirm a payment Server-side#

curl --request POST '' \--header 'Authorization: pk_test_3c140607778e1217f56ccb8b50540e00' \--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \--data-raw '{    "paymentToken": "7cc38b08ff471ccd313ad62b23b9f362b107560b",    "generatePaymentToken": true}'

Check all available request parameters.

When you submit a payment form Client-side#

You can pass generatePaymentToken: true when you submit a payment form. This is useful for allowing your customers to select if they want to save payment method for future use.

<form  action="{{payment_id}}/confirm"  method="post"  id="payment-form">  <div class="card-field">    <div id="card-input">      <!-- A MONEI Card Input Component will be inserted here. -->    </div>    <!-- Used to display card errors. -->    <div id="card-error"></div>  </div>  <label>    <!-- A checkbox to save payment method -->    <input type="checkbox" name="generatePaymentToken" value="true" />    save payment method  </label>  <button type="submit" id="payment-button">Submit payment</button></form>

Check card payment method integration for more details.

2. Obtain and store payment token#

After the payment is completed the customer is redirected to the completeUrl with payment_id query parameter, you can obtain permanent paymentToken by calling get payment endpoint.

Store this paymentToken in your database along with customer information. Next time the customer does a purchase, create a payment with this token to skip payment form. Keep in mind that the customer will still need to complete 3d secure verification.


MONEI will not return paymentToken in the HTTP POST request to the callbackUrl for security reasons. You have to call get payment endpoint to retrieve the token. Generated paymentToken does not expire and should only be used server-side.