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To accept payments through MONEI in your Shopify store you simply need to install and configure MONEI Payment Gateway.

Before you begin

To test your integration:


Install MONEI Payment Gateway in your Shopify store by clicking one of the links below. Depending on your store language you can select different Payment gateway names.

All payment gateways point to the same payment page. This page is automatically displayed in the user preferred language and will show all payment methods that you enable in MONEI Dashboard → Settings → Payment Methods. You can additionally install gateways for specific payment methods from the list below.






Install selected payment provider

Install payment provider

If you need to customize how the name of the payment gateway appears in your checkout please contact our Support Team.


Configure MONEI Payment Gateway in your Shopify store payment settings.

Go to your Shopify Settings → Payments → Third-party providers

Third-party providers

Search for the payment provider that you've installed, for example "Pay by Credit/Debit Card - Secure Payment"

Search for providers

Enter your Account ID and Password. You can find your Account ID and Password in MONEI Dashboard → Settings and click "Activate".

Activate provider

Before you go live